Thursday, 31 May 2012

Survived the curses!

Hi all i am quite positive we have all at one point seen a chain letter,some are just stupid fun others are more malicious so me being me, and also having small cousins, i decided to allay the "you will die if you don't repost" fear. and this is how i did it.

unless of course you are this person,i assure you there is no truth to these messages(this might sound ridiculous but some people must believe otherwise we would never see them) so i thought people who did beleive would go "but how do you know?" so i came up with this "experiment" lets first look at the types of chain letters

1.the one that go's
make some kind of wish
keep wishing
nearly there
(then)the pixies of Appleton will make your wish come true,but if you don't resend this to 10 people before midnight (chain writers like midnight i have found out) they will steal you away from your bed and kill you with there evil pixie claws (i am not a savant in pixie fable law so if i have offended with portraying them with claws then i apolo- no scratch that, your now an adult stop bieng so touchy!)

2.Hi there is a boy called Berko, he is in an African orphan,he has no arms,no legs,his mum was killed by evil tigers and know he is in an orphanage,resend this message to 10 friends or the orphanage will close and Berko and all his Friends will die,want that on you conscience?

3.DO NOT READ THIS!!!!! (insert neon sign here)Harry was bullied in school,he was bullied so much he actually got killed,they threw him into a well and his neck snapped and know he died ,this isn't fake google his name Harry smith (because making a website is sooo hard,and also the name smith is so uncommon that it couldn't be just anyone) if you don't resend this to 10 friends Harry will steal you in your sleep to THAT well and KILL YOU (because if you could come back as a ghost you would get revenge on people who didn't resend your story rather than your killers -_- there plot has many holes i do say!)

So i mainly did this experiment for the latter but the other two types annoyed me too so i thought it was at least worth my plan was to read as many "THEY WILL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP" style ones in one night and go to bed. because apart from using the white bear technique (the More we try NOT to do something the More we are likely to do it like DO NOT THINK OF A WHITE BEAR, the command is in there so the DO NOT doesn't not make a difference) they are basically rubbish. So   this is what i did and this is a list of the things that were meant to come top me off.


and you know what! none turned up,part of me was disappointed, and unless they all killed each other off. or perhaps they all went to go in my bedroom at once and then got stuck in the door frame and when the sun came up they dissolved. but i think the most likely answer is THERE NOT REAL,well somethings on that list is but not in a supernatural sense. so i can safely say,sleep tight...............


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A Lovely Optical Illusion

i dont think i need to say anymore realy take a look at this lovely optical illusion:


Pork Crackling Precise Predictions!

Personally i think my headline is better but according to The Leader Post :

A psychic pig is predicting football results,the reason he is more "famous" than most medium pets because he is beating Paul the Octopus (remember that guy) which of course means its time for me to talk about PREDICTIONS.
Unless your talking about Predictions used in performances this should cover all Predictions (mammal or otherwise) the "big secret" of how Predictions work is in something called The science of big numbers.
EXAMPLE: A man, lets call him David,David has a dream (as you do) and he dreams of seeing a cloud and on that cloud is six numbers. he then See's a jelly cherub (its a dream remember) who told him to "buy a lottery ticket!" before vomiting marshmallows (its likely David had,had some cheese before sleep) he awakes and runs to his nearest Lottery Retailer and then waits for the draw..................on the night the numbers are drawn aaand he wins! in your eyes is that a prediction? and if it wasn't psychic or a prediction how wasn't it?

This is when The Science of Big Numbers come in. we think things are supernatural because basically we are selfish. (i say "we" because its nature we can not help it) we think if it works for us personally then it "must work" (i am positive i will go into that in more detail in another post about alternative medicine so stay tuned!) but by knowing that we can work out the "secret" we all have a story to tell and there are millions of us. if David didn't win then Sally would of who found her numbers thanks to a £50 past life regression session where her half dog  half dragon spirit guide told her too, or sally who used her lucky numbers,or harry who's son randomly went 6,7,8,32,21 and 31. same applys with are rasher of future telling. he will eventually get it wrong, and then a new zealand parrot who tells you tennis results will beat his score. oh and if that is exact for the next medium animal then i think i get the award for the best way to prove a point


Monday, 28 May 2012

The "scary" Island of Poveglia

I originally heard about the Island of Poveglia through a link to one of those "entertain yourself" websites,in fact have a look yourself:
I read this article with an open mind as i do with all story's,tho as soon as i did read it i of course had to know more.

as soon as i finished reading it i came up with these points that needed to be solved or at least cleared up in my mind. so i of course went to the place all Sceptics go to; that's right you guessed it Wikipedia,according to that post and one of the Islands "folk tales" is as follows "In 1922, a psychiatric hospital was built. It was an imposing building with a magnificent bell tower. The patients immediately reported seeing the ghosts of the plague victims and of hearing whispers echoing off the walls. Their harrowing reports were dismissed, they were already deemed demented and mad." this doctor also acourding to the tale "The hospital was run by a doctor who was very ambitious. He decided to make a name for himself by experimenting on his patients in a bid to discover the cause of their insanity. The doctors methods were crude, lobotomies were performed using a basic hand drill or hammer and chisel. After several years on Poveglia, the doctor himself began seeing the ghosts of the plague victims. It is said they led him to the bell tower, where he threw himself off. According to a nurse, the fall did not kill the doctor as he lay writhing in agony as the base of the tower; a fine mist swirled up around him, entered his body, and choked him to death. It is rumored that he is bricked up in the bell tower, and on a still night the bell can be heard tolling across the bay.

  but according to Wikipedia "In 1777 the island came under the jurisdiction of the Magistrato alla Sanità (Public Health Office), and became a check point for all goods and people coming to and going from Venice by ship. In 1793, there were several cases of the plague on two ships, and consequently the island was transformed into a temporary confinement station for the ill (Lazzaretto); this role became permanent in 1805, under the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte, who also had the old church of San Vitale destroyed; the old bell tower was converted into a lighthouse. The lazzaretto was closed in 1814."

 " Another legend surrounds a building erected in 1922 on the island, which was used for various purposes, including usage as a mental hospital.[4] The legend states that a particular mental health doctor tortured and butchered many of the patients, before going "mad" and jumping to his death from the bell tower. According to that same legend, he survived the fall, but was 'strangled by a mist that came up from the ground'. Its ruins remain to this day.[3] The institution in question has been described as a retirement home,[1][2] but evidence on the island shows that despite the controversy, at least part of the building housed mental patients"

So first of all the grand evil lobotomy doc of death *insert evil laugh and hunchback henchman here* didnt build the looming clock tower nor was it actually a clock tower when he  died,so unless you can hear an eerie foghorn (which from a ghost story point of view i think is better) late at night. And it also states it was a retirment home that housed some mental patients,only "SOME" plus this was 1922 meaning what they define as "insane" is very diffrent from what we would call it.

so why is it "closed to the public!" to hold the ghosts? or to "keep us safe?" ,Well i dont beleive so,tho it may be driven by supersition, it mainly might be apart from some ruins it is a large plague pit. but i leave it up to you to decide what you want to beleive in. I just see it as a lovely Island that sadly has been turned to ruins and thanks to storys made into "scary" island.