Welcome,This here i a blog (stating the obvious award go's to me I think) about weird story's or places and a logical look on it as well as my blog for all  my escapades (or rather Escape-pades) . Whenever there is a problem its always the level headed people who solve them. So this here is a place where I try to do that or at least give another point of view. So have a look round,give me your point of view and most of all BE INTERESTED. because when there is'nt another thing to escape from, another Illusion to work out or another mystery to solve in this unfathomable amazing world I can curl up and die,so on that "lovely note" go exploring.

Thomas Florence,
psychological Illusionist,Escape Artist,Debunker and going "wow"


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  2. welcome menna,hope you enjoy the blog!


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